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»Zeitgeist is
the most powerful and creative intelligence
in our culture.«

The Zeitgeist perspective

Zeitgeist is a temporary promise for a successful life. Zeitgeist, as the word says, changes in time. This is exactly where it reveals its fascinating, evolutionary intelligence, which is usually hidden from the naked eye.

With her research approach, which is both sensitive and multi-perspectively reflecting, Germany’s best-known Zeitgeist researcher provides deep insights into the powerful workings of the spirit of the age. And she shows how we personally, socially and entrepreneurially thrive when we absorb and implement its impulses.

She recognizes Zeitgeist as a collective longing, as a cultural vibration, perceptible in countless social phenomena that unfold powerful attractors and restructure our society in all areas of life. Zeitgeist reveals this, long before statistics and surveys can
reflect the new spirit.

Kirstine Fratz speaks of the zeitgeist as an evolutionary intelligence that constantly offers us new, yet unused potential to steer our culture in salutary, beneficial directions. Recognizing and realizing these potentials makes us true spirit makers, from passive creatures to creative creators, leading our society into a vital future.

The game of creating with the spirit of time has to be learned!
It requires a special sensuality, both refined and holistic, in order to track down the higher meaning, hidden in the hustle and bustle within the spirit of time: how it releases from the world what no longer works and invites into the world what brings us further. It is often the previously unimaginable that positively inspires our culture and thus changes, reshapes and brings to a higher level our entire thinking, acting and living together.

Experience the amazement in perceiving the ever new, healing and advancing potentials for our culture and society. And let yourself be empowered to participate!
With the Zeitgeist perspective, the spirit of the time will become a promising source of inspiration for visions, projects and undertakings.

„Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.“
Victor Hugo

The Zeitgeist Expert

Kirstine Fratz advises brands like Gucci, Escada, Dolce & Gabbana and companies like Beiersdorf, Unilever, Procter & Gamble. She receives requests for expert advice from Google, Facebook and from the political environment.

She is an international speaker on Zeitgeist topics, teaches at universities, advises the Catholic Church on Zeitgeist and Holy Spirit issues, lectures at the Austrian Bishops‘ Conference, is a TED speaker, expert in various think tanks including Akademie_3, honorary member of the Club of European Women Entrepreneurs, member of the supervisory board of German Real Estate and author of „Das Buch vom Zeitgeist – und wie er uns vorantreibt“ Fontis.

Kirstine Fratz regularly publishes new Zeitgeist perspectives in various media including Brigitte, Tush, the magazine of the International Business Council and podcasts such as Reflab and Female Zeitgeist.


The new vibration
Get in tune with the powerful creative force of Zeitgeist and thrive beyond current concepts.

Play with Zeitgeist
How the spirit of time takes our culture and your industry to the next level.

The power of Zeitgeist
Evolutionary intelligence at work – Inspiration for an amazing future.

TEDx Talk


»The book of the Zeitgeist« –
and how it drives us forward

In the book by the Zeitgeist expert Kirstine Fratz, you can learn how the Zeitgeist whispers its current idea of a successful life to us and imperceptibly becomes our compass for our lives. It shows us the way. No one can get past it. It penetrates all areas of life with his projection of a successful life: thriving children, healthier life, eternal youth and everlasting beauty. We can hardly escape the Zeitgeist dynamics – until it changes direction again and lures us with new promises. Sometimes you are at the forefront, sometimes you pant after, always accompanied by the fear of not meeting the demands of the time. „The book of the Zeitgeist“ teaches us to understand the mechanism of these forces and discloses us avenues of successfully playing with the forces of time, both professionally and privately.


»Insightful! Distinct! New! Cutting-edge!  These are gold standards of success and why reading this book is a must.«

CEO Brand Consumer Relationships
CMO Neuro Flash

»Kirstine Fratz explains in a very humorous and entertaining way how our complex world ticks and why even the most absurd things and phenomena make sense. Great!«

Journalist and freelance author
for a.o. Brigitte, Madame, Cosmopolitan

»A brilliant analysis of the spontaneous self-organisation of culture and society and a passionate recommendation by Kirstine Fratz on how to become happy with the spirit of time.«

Trend researcher

»Zeitgeist research is a training of perception. Because things are so complex, even economists would do well to leave their model carpentry workshops and always work on their perception of reality. Kirstine Fratz’s book is a great guide for this.«

Managing Director and Head of Science
IW – Institute of the German Economy Cologne