Zeitgeist Researchis the new luxury in thinking.A treasure mapfor survival in the 21st century.

How can we look into the future in the future?

By asking what wants to become instead of what should be.

My highlight discoveries

1. Zeitgeist is not "common sense". 
Zeitgeist is something other than a majority opinion prevailing at a certain time.
2. It is not reason but people's longings that bring about cultural and social change.Reason as the pacemaker of civilizational progress is vastly overrated.
3. People's longings always go in the direction of new wholeness.One-sidedness, exaggerations, and half-measures that have developed over time always bring about the desire for balance and completion.

4. The developments driven by the spirit of the time, follow a recurring pattern in the long run.This pattern becomes vivid and practically applicable in my model Zeitgeist Dynamics©.

5. There are sensitive and creative people who take up the impulses of the Zeitgeist and implement them concretelyI call people of this kind "Spirit Makers". The makers of cultural evolution.

Zeitgeist is the permissionto recover from the ruling conditions.In all shapes and colors.

• Clients

Who has already benefited from my Zeitgeist research?

Companies such as Unilever, Facebook, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Boss, Beiersdorf, Procter & Gamble, various church organizations.

My audiences as an international speaker on Zeitgeist topics include the Art Directors Club Berlin, Ferchau, my students in my Zeitgeist seminars at various universities and the viewers of my TED Talks.

The supervisory board of German Real Estate AG, where I am a member of the supervisory board, the network of the Club of European Women Entrepreneurs, where I am an honorary member, my fellow experts at various think tanks, including Akademie_3.

Readers of my book “Das Buch vom Zeitgeist – und wie er uns vorantrieben” (Fontis Verlag, 2nd edition), as well as regular contributors to various media such as Tush, Deco Home, Magazine of the International Business Senate Berlin and Wallstreet Journal.


How to play with the spirit of time