• Zeitgeist


Zeitgeist does not mean a moody appearance of trends and fashion, but is the most powerful and creative force in our culture.
This creative power of Zeitgeist arises from our collective longing, which reaches much further into the future than any reason. Those who understand the collective longing in Zeitgeist realize, what is really in the making.

I have developed Zeitgeist Dynamics©. An effective tool that makes the constant evolution of culture, society and markets accessible to us in an impressive perspective.
The foundation in dealing with Zeitgeist Intelligence.

With Zeitgeist Dynamics©, one sees far beyond trends and into the powerful change of collective longing – for more clarity and orientation in the Zeitgeist jungle.

This is the new luxury in thinking and the path to becoming a Spirit Maker.

Spirit Makers can move skilfully and confidently through the zeitgeist, to identify freshly emerging, intelligent shifts in culture and markets. They use the cracks in the social matrix for a new quality of life and entrepreneurship.